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Why you should read print books (Opinion)
Opinion - I have started reading print books for their perspective and timliness that internet technologies often distract us from.
Multi Part Data Synchronization
Deep in the programming discipline, data integrity is often a hot topic of cluster database management system design; but it should often be thought of at a systems level.
Living Data
Even in a microservice architecture sometimes keeping data alive and current is critical. Here is a strategy I use to balance unexpected failures with maintaining data integrity.
Firefighting vs Construction
Every new project has an amazing opportunity. Like a baby it is blameless and pure ... for at least 10 seconds ...
Now vs Right
Proper project management can make or break a project.
You are what you use
Our productivity is only equal to our best use of the tools.
Making Tools
Making tools often means striking a balance between the components that best fit the users and problems.
Three Legged Stool
One of my computer science professors from several years ago reminds me of some fundamentals I recently encountered developing software for the real world.
Line by Line
My years of experience have led me to create my ultimate code review checklist. Taking the time to review my code line by line has made me the best developer possible. I created this interactive checklist and in depth explination to share.
What is Performance?
Some thoughts on what web performance really means from a systems perspective.
Time to Wait
A thought exercise and perspective on web performance by bringing load times into real world examples you can understand and explain.
HTTP2 - No Excuses
Notes and comments on HTTP2 Ask Me Anything seminar with leading web performance experts, and how this relates to site design practices.
Beyond IE - The rise of inApp browsers
The rise of inApp browsers' usage is highlighting a shift in the techniques businesses should consider for designing the content and look and feel of their mobile experiences.
Your Business Won't Benifit from an App
Personal experience working with IonicFramework and the complications moving from website development to app development.
4 Ways to Make Effective Charts - The Importance of Scale
A case study from my personal life of tools reveals four ways to make more effective charts so they don't mislead, misinform and will not be miss-interperted.
“Almost Free” High Performance Stack - One Way Flow
An extremly low cost architecture for a high performance CMS stack.
Website vs Webapp - A Performance Perspective
Some thoughts about the differences between a website and a webapp through the lens of use and performance.

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