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Scott Traver

Originally from Anchorage Alaska, I attended school at Eastern Washington University and graduated in 2012 with a BS in Computer Science. Alongside school I enjoyed running, rock climbing and studying foreign languages. My passion for the outdoors and mountains led me to move to Salt Lake City UT in 2014.

Eastern Washington University

During my studies at EWU my advanced coursework was in graphical interfaces and network security. I interned at the Washington State Digital Archives as well as led a school project to upgrade the gym class management and grading system (where I also worked on campus).

Glacier Services Automation

After graduation I returned to Alaska to work for Glacier Services Inc, the largest Alaskan-owned oil field automation services firm. I developed high-speed graphic displays that are used by plant operators and production optimization engineers on the real-time supervisory control and data acquisition systems that Conono Phillips Alaska uses to control and meter oil and gas fields.


In 2012 I joined RiskLens, a startup focused on building and providing tools and training for quantification of information security risk analyses.

Here I was involved in every aspect of the software development process including design, architecture, coding, bugfixes and maintenance. My primary area of ownership was the reporting suite which gave me the opportunity to grow my skills as a front end developer.


Mid - 2015 I joined Backcountry.com as a software engineer on a team focused on replacing an aging mobile app.

In addition to providing maintenance debugging support for legacy systems, my role was primarly building the codebase and infrastrucutre for an ionicframework mobile app.

It was my experience here working alongside developers on a site with millions of pageviews which led to a passion for performance engineering.


In Summer 2016 I joined InsideSales.com to help them innovate the next generation of sales acceleration technology.

This included systems and client side programming for enterprise customers and preparing for growth into local and international markets.

On this team I got to experience enterprise DevOps, management, deployment and the entire product lifecycle at scale firsthand.

Artemis Health

At the start of 2017 I started at Artemis Health as a Sr. Software Engineer, helping the small team develop a healthcare data platform.

This platform consists of several applications that allow a view into healthcare benefits provider and member data, easily visualize trends, cost saving measures and facilitates decision making and reporting.

Here I get to experiment with front-end technologies and grow and apply my skills specifically in developing high performance webapps and data visualizations.

High Peak Solutions

2016 and Beyond! - I founded High Peak Solutions to refocus my work on front end performance.

As I have grown during my career, I have come to understand the importance of accessability and mobile programming and have seen firsthand the shift in the way web media is consumed.

My goal is to create software that focuses on front end performance to deliver powerful, far reaching software that has the ability to both be useful but more importantly engage users in modern ways.

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Scott Traver
Born and Raised in Alaska, my hobbies include travelling, marathons, and studying foreign languages.  Connect!
Left Alaska 2008 Contact Me
Eastern Washington University Logo
Eastern Washington University
2012 - 2015
BS Computer Science Information Systems.

Graduated with Honors  Go Eags!
Glacier Services Inc Logo
Glacier Services Inc
Glacier Services, Inc. is an Alaskan owned and operated automation and engineering services company, specializing in providing effective automation solutions and services to Alaska's oil and gas industry. As the largest Alaskan owned oil field automation services firm located in the state, our footprint reaches from the Kenai Peninsula to the North Slope.  GSI Alaska
RiskLens Logo
2012 - 2015
RiskLens is a cyber risk management software company that specializes in the quantification of cybersecurity risk. RiskLens is the only cyber risk management software purpose-built on FAIR, the only international standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for cybersecurity and operational risk.  Risklens
Backcountry Logo
2015 - 2016
Backcountry is one of the largest online retailers of premium and exclusive outdoor gear.   Backcountry
Inside Sales Dot Com
InsideSales.com is innovating sales acceleration with machine learning and predictive analytics.   InsideSales.Com
Artemis Health
Artemis Health
2017 - Present
Artemis Health is creating the leading benefits data analytics platform. From a technology perspective, healthcare is an underserved space with lots of opportunity for disruptive tools in areas such as actionable data analysis.   Artemis Health
High Peak Solutions Logo
High Peak Solutions
2016 - Present
Software consultant focused on software solutions and providing blazing fast and rich experiences.